The ABCD English Guide to the Great British Summer

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The ABCD English Guide to the Great British Summer

Summer? What summer? For those of you from more tropical climates, the British Summer can seem a little disappointing. The temperature rarely gets above 30 degrees Celsius and there are more cloudy days than sunny. But on those days when the sun does shine, the Brits know how to make the most of it. Here is our guide to help you enjoy summer in the UK as an EFL student:

  • Eat fish and chips – this classic British meal tastes so much better in the sunshine!
  • Enjoy an ice-cream – Mint-choc Chip, Toffee and Strawberry are some traditional flavours. If you’re feeling adventurous, head to the Chin Chin Labs in Camden where the ‘ice cream scientists’ can turn anything into ice cream.
  • Visit the seaside – top destinations for EFL students include Brighton (an easy day trip from London), the English Riviera on Devon’s South coast, Skegness in Scotland, Whitby where Dracula came ashore and surfer’s favourite Woolacombe.
  • Go to a festival – Glastonbury is not the only one! There are events across the UK celebrating food, film, music, books… the list goes on. Find one near you and experience the fun for yourself.
  • Get outdoors – whether it’s biking, walking or simply a barbecue in the park, behave like a Brit and make the most of the sunshine while it lasts.
  • Play a traditional British game – cricket or croquet? Frisbee in the park? A game of rounders? All of these are traditional summer games – why not organise one with a group of friends? Or, your EFL tutor might be willing to organise a different kind of lesson!

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