Great EFL Vocab Graphics

If you are an Social Media active EFL tutor you will have noticed a proliferation of images containing vocabulary.  Many are fantastic, imaginative and fun.  Create your own - and it can be a great activity to get your students to do - work on one in class and then set them each a difference one to create [...]

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Top 5 books for new EFL teachers

There can be no doubt that EFL tutors are generally a positive, enthusiastic bunch. We love sharing tips with each other, will happily swap lesson plans and ideas and are quick to help out if other teachers are struggling with something. Alongside this ‘get stuck in’ attitude, there is also a real commitment from many [...]

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4 ways technology can save EFL teachers time

There are so many ways that EFL teachers can make use of technology to aid their teaching. You can use pop songs for listening practice, direct students to useful websites for independent learning or bring technology into the classroom for a lesson with a difference. There are also multiple sites that, while not so useful [...]

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A great game for reluctant speakers

We’ve all been there. The ‘tumbleweed’ sensation when a lesson that revolves around student discussion falls flat because they don’t want to talk. While the sound of embarrassed silence is something no teacher wants to face, this can be a good opportunity to think about why students don’t want to speak. Do they feel [...]

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Using Realia in EFL & ESOL Lessons

What is Realia? In the context of EFL and ESOL lessons, realia means the use of real objects or material to develop skills in the target language.  Some EFL tutors will specifically mean real materials written in English, for examples leaflets or recordings original intended for native-speakers not for education.  Other EFL tutors use the term for [...]

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IELTS Explained

If you are learning or teaching English and don't yet know all about IELTS then read on - it's probably the most influential English test in the world at the moment! What is IELTS? IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is similar in some ways to the TOEFL test. Who takes IELTS? IELTS [...]

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Small Talk – What do you say when you meet at the photocopier?

Among native speakers small talk is a way to start or develop a conversation - we do this when we meet someone new, or strike up a conversation with someone we don't know very well.  That's not to say it's not interesting in itself - I'm always interested in what people do for a living, [...]

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100 more English proverbs

In previous posts I have given 100 common English proverbs and 100 common English expressions and now I shall continue the theme with 100 more English proverbs.  I mentioned that the previous 100 English proverbs were common enough that I had used them in a real context.  The following proverbs are less popular or less well-known, but the majority will be known by most native speakers. [...]

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EFL and ESOL Conferences

Conferences give you are chance to see new resources for your teaching and to give you related ideas.  They also give you the opportunity to listen to some enthusiastic people in the field.  But most importantly they give you the opportunity to meet fellow tutors - take up the opportunity to go to any seminars on [...]

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100 common English expressions

Are you an English learner and want to talk like a native speaker? Below are 100 English expressions which are regularly used by contemporary native speakers.  I have, at some point, said them all in a real context. The occasional proverb may have crept in, but on the whole these are not proverbs. If you [...]

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100 common English proverbs

Below are 100 English proverbs.  They are common enough that I have, at some point, said them in a real context. Without going overboard, English proverbs are a useful tool for the occasional EFL lesson.  English learners like to know that they are learning real language and real expressions, and to know new things that native speakers [...]

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Jobs for ESOL Teachers

Gained some great teaching experience in the UK or overseas?  Come back to the UK (or been here all along) and want to put your experience to good use - and earn a living - although the competition has stiffened somewhat since the Governments accouncement that they have cut funding for ESOL courses with immediate [...]

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15 Tips for Teaching English (EFL, EAL, ESOL)

How useful any one of these tips is depends on the context, whether you are teaching mixed or the same nationality, the age of your learners, how well behaved they are, their ability, and your own strengths and weaknesses as a teacher. Whether you're a new TEFL teacher or an experienced ESOL teacher, I hope [...]

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What is the difference between EFL and ESL?

I'll start by pointing out that in the UK the fields of English and languages is split into three areas: Native English speakers (who can therefore already speak English) study the subject 'English', a field which is often split into 'English Literature' and 'English Language'. Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) which addresses the learning of languages [...]

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English Learners – Motivation

Motivation is the most important element when teaching anything, including English. Learning English when not motivated is one of the most difficult things in the world - but when motivated it turns into a pleasure with improvement and positive reinforcement. Chocolate Cake & Motivation - Mmm One of the tricks for motivation is [...]

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