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We also aim to reduce the time inexperienced TEFL tutors spend scouring the Internet for resources for teaching English.  Browse the helpful resources available here; low prices for individual tutors and discounted multi-tutor licences for learning institutions.  Use these great resources, save time, and motivate your learners – all in one go!

      • Save 20+ hours’ work with what you can earn in 2 hours’ teaching
      • Gain inspiration from a range of experienced tutors
      • Recordings from a variety of English native speakers

If there are other resources you would like us to develop to save you more time, please let us know.  We are very excited by our current project – eLearning for the flipped classroom and homework.  Watch this space.

Wordie: text analyser

Wordie is a fantastic tool to analyse a text and pick out any words that it does not recognise as being at the selected target level.  It enables you to take any contemporary and native-speaker texts, even for example those from current news articles, and identify those tricky words that students wouldn’t be expected to know yet.  Then it’s up to you! You can provide them with a list of vocab alongside the text for them to look up in a dictionary or you can provide a translation of tricky in their own language.  This means that your learners can attack texts that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.  Go Wordie!

Interested in Contributing?

Would you like to share your experience with other tutors?  Would you like to donate your resources to EFL-resources.com so we can proofread and format them, and then make them available to save other tutors’ time?  If they are substantial (and you have written then from scratch, i.e. no plagiarised them from the internet) we may be able to buy them from you!

We are currently recruiting for Brand Ambassadors. Please click here for more information.

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