Wordie FAQ

What is Wordie?

Wordie is a free online tool for EFL teachers. It allows you to quickly check the level of vocabulary in an authentic text before you use it in class. It also gives you access to levelled vocab lists – perfect for compiling a weekly test for your class.

How does the text checker work?

Let Wordie do the work:

  1. Find an engaging, up-to-date text
  2. Select your level
  3. Upload your text (just copy and paste it into the field)
  4. Wordie will identify any higher-level words and generate a tricky vocab list
  5. Choose whether to give the list to your students, pre-teach those words or simply change them in the text

How do the levels relate to CERF (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Wordie Level123456789
CERF LevelA1A2B1B2C1C2C2.2

What about the vocab lists?

The word bank collates common vocabulary into level-based lists. You can print these out to give to your learners or use them to select weekly vocab learning for use in class.

What if I’m using a text with subject-specific vocabulary?

Your text might contain words that aren’t in our word bank. That’s okay though. These will appear in a separate list so you can check them. If they should be in our list, let us know and we’ll add them as soon as we can.

And if I spot a mistake?

Each time you run your text through the text checker it compares each word in your text to the word bank. As well as a list of tricky vocab it also generates a list of words that it couldn't match to the word bank. If you think any of these words should be added then just let us know. Similarly, if you spot a word that you think should be at a higher or lower level then let us know. The more you use Wordie and give feedback the better it gets!

Is it really free?

Yes! Currently, you can input texts of up to 1,500 characters without even having to register. If you want to be able to check longer texts, just sign up and you’ll be able to run through texts of up to 25,000 characters.